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	Before you read any further, if you have any CCS PP1 or PP2 cards you'd like to trade
for PP3, or any CCS foils you'd like to trade for a Rayearth prism, let me know ^_^!
(All cards x1 unless noted)

94(Syaoran, Sakura, & Tomoyo singing; foil),
100(Sakura with a look of surprise),
101(Sakura smiling and blushing),
102(Sakura blushing again),
104(Tomoyo in a dazed happy state),
105(Tomoyo with her hair tied back),
112(Meiling =P),
113(Rika and Naoko),
118(Sakura in bunny ears & Kero),
119(Tomoyo in a happy state & Sakura looking on with a sweatdrop),
120(Syaoran!!!!  My fave character ^_^!!!)
122(Tomoyo singing),
123(Kero-chan resting on a book),
124(Sakura & Kero-chan riding her wand),
125(Meiling looking hopeful & Sakura smiling),
127(a clow card; Is this light or dark?  I see both names on the back of the card...),
130(Sakura in the play;on reverse is Syaoran-hime heehee),
132(Sakura and Meiling),
133(Tomoyo, Sakura, & Syaoran),
134(Yue and Sakura),
135(Sakura & Kaho-sensei)

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