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Cardzillion Series 1

(All cards are x1 unless noted)

7(The Inner Senshi posing),
9(Sailor Venus) x2,
12(Raye) x3,
14(Mina) x2,
16(Amy and Luna),
19(Sailor Venus),
20(the 3 Senshi thrown for a loop by a fireball) x2,
22(Artemis and Luna),
23(Sailor Moon and the Crescent Moon Wand),
24(Sailor Moon) x2,
26(Sailor Mercury),
30(Sailor Mercury) x3,
31(Sailor Jupiter) x2,
32(Raye and Amy) x2,
33(Sailor Venus),
35(Merc., Moon, and Jup. in an alley),
36(Lita) x6,
38(The picture of Darien and Serena),
39(Raye, Amy, Serena, and Lita caught by surprise) 

Cardzillion Series 2

73(The 5 Scouts; NOTE: there is a small mark from the machine in the upper right hand corner!)

Cardzillion Series 3

88(Sailor Venus) x3,
92(Sailor Mercury) x2,
94(Sailor Jupiter) x4,
95(Sailor Venus) x3,
96(Sailor Moon),
97(Sailor Mercury),
101(Sailor Moon),
102(Sailor Mercury) x4,
103(Sailor Mars),
105(Sailor Venus) x4,
106(The Five Senshi) x3,
107(Sailor Moon and the Moon Scepter) x2,
108(Mina and Amy; Prism),
109(Serena and Rini),
112(Rini on a swing) x5,
114(Queen Serenity),
116(Prizma??  It's Catsy....) x4,
119(Rini and Darien) x4,
121(Rini) x2,

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