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Dart cards

(all cards are x1 unless noted)

2(The five Scouts with the Moon Sceptor),
4(Sailor Moon and Luna) x2,
6(Sailor Venus about ready to use her Crescent Beam),
10(Sailor Mars),
12(Sailor Jupiter about to use her thunder),
13(Serena and Luna),
19(The 5 Scouts, Tux, 2 cats, and Luna-P traveling through time),
20(Tux throwing roses),
21(Raye singing),
24(Serena with cookies and Luna),
25(Zoycite and Malachite),
26(Molly with Neffy),
39(the 4 Sisters),
42(Amy eating ice cream; from the Stars opening!),
45(The 4 Inners),
49(The 4 Inners),
50(Alan and Ann),
51(Mercury near the end of her transformation),
52(Sailor Moon with the Crescent Moon Wand),
55(Sailor Moon and Luna),
60(The 5 Inners from a SMR eyecatch),
63(Serena eating ice cream),
65(During Sailor Jupiter's transformation),
70(Sailor Jupiter),
71(The 5 Inners)

Dart Series 2 Cards

8(Sailor Moon, Merc. and Mars),
10(Moon, Merc., Mars, Jup. & Lita surrounding a crystal carrier baddie)
22(Moon, Merc., Mars, & Jup.),
31(Serena in her bathing suit),
35(Serena and Tux holding onto an umberella while falling)

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