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	Ever wondered about the person running this site?  No?  Well, now ya won't =D!  

	The picture above is me ^_^. It's with my stuffed sheep pillow, Takeshi.  Yes, I named
my sheep =P.  This picture was taken on 8/4/00 after Otakon in my room (look at my anime posters 
heehee ^_^!!).  I am smiling because I am not broke from Otakon heh...  A big thanks to Liz-Luna
for scanning in Takeshi and me <3!

My outsides

	Name: Jennifer
	Age: 18
	Height 5'5"
	Eye color: Brown
	Hair color: Medium/Dark blonde (no blonde jokes please =P)

My insides

	Fave hobbies & stuff to do: anime (of course ^_^!!), manga, Jackie Chan movies, Iron Chef, doramas, 
watching my Phillies, playing N64, listening to music.
	Fave anime: Ranma 1/2 (I went to Otakon 99 & 2K as Ukyo)!  I also like Sailor Moon,
 Tenchi Muyo (::sobbing:: I don't get Cartoon Network =(...), Magic Knight Rayearth, Neon
 Genesis Evangelion, Card Captor Sakura, Fushigi Yuugi, Kodomo no Omocha, Pokemon, 
The Slayers, and Shoujo Kakume Utena.
	Fave TV shows: Iron Chef, Malcom in the Middle, The Daily Show
	Fave artists: KinKi Kids, V6, 20th Century/Tonisen, SMAP, Arashi, Hikaru Utada, Ayumi Hamasaki, T.M. Revolution. 
	Fave food: Pasta (raviolis especially =d) and Chinese food.  
	Fave subject: Science, history, and soon to be Japanese!
	Least fave subject: Language Arts (aka English).  I do not like writing essays and such.

	Like anything I like?  Wanna talk about it?  E-mail me =)!

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