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Hello Kitty extras!

McDonald's recently wrapped up their Hello Kitty promotion, and I didn't finish my set >=(.
I will trade one for one.  My toys are unopened, and the toys I trade for must be unopened 
as well.  Here are my extras:

#1 (Hello Kitty as a McDonald's worker...  This doesn't sit well with me ^.^*...) x2,
#3 (A Hello Kitty that spits out stickers),
#6 (Dear Daniel in a "stamp mobile"; it prints stamps as it rolls along)
#9 (A Hello Kitty twist and turn match up thing; It's an apple)

Needed Hello Kitty toys

I THINK the #s I need are 4 & 5, but just in case they are wrong, here's what I have ^.^*:

--Hello Kitty working at McDonald's
--Hello kitty watch head on a pink band
--Hello Kitty sticker dispenser
--Dear Daniel Stamp Mobile
--Hello Kitty in kimono
--Hello Kitty ballerina hair tie 
--Hello Kitty twist and turn apple

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