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Anime Links

Anime Turnpike: THE place for anime links
Viz Online: Check out Viz online!
GenSao's Tenchi Muyo Home Page: Best Tenchi site on the Web! (In my opinion)
Little Washu's Media Archive: Great place for Tenchi audio/video stuff
A Shrine to Li Syaoran: waaaaaa!!!! Syaoran is my FAVE CCS character!! (kawaii!)
Sakurabana Matsuri: Great CCS site!
Cardcaptors Uncensored: Hate the CCS dub?

Non-Anime Links

Sites that do stuff: Looking for virtual amusement? Look no further
Connect-Time's Dumpster Diver!: Send someone a gift from the virtual dumpster =D! -- main page: Send someone virtual greetings =)!
Sky and Telescope Online: For Astronomy lovers
Philadelphia Phillies: My team ^_^

Places on AOL (AOL users only)

Japanese Recipies: I feel like Japanese tonight... Like Japanese tonight...
Japanimation Station: The anime spot on AOL
Ask Cupid: It's wrong sometimes, but hey....
Crystal Ball: This on the other hand is more accurate hehe ^_~...
Fortune Cookie: "This cookie you are eating is good."

For your listening pleasure....

Groove Asia Popcharts: Popcharts featuring clips of hot Asian songs!
Japan Lyrics:So you can sing along with your fave J-pop ^_^!
Hikki's Website: Hikaru Utada's official site
AudiofFind: GREAT place to search for J-pop and more
J-pop Station 2000: Updated quite often with MP3s UP!: Another great place for J-pop

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